Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Shoes; the moral of the story

New shoes; what kind of life lesson could possible be gleaned from a pair of new shoes. A lot actually, depending how deep and imaginative you want to go. I hopefully won't stretch your mind too much, but I wanted to compare new shoes to the importance of photography.

When you start out a relationship, or have a baby, everything is new. You have no experiences or memories together. The same goes for your new pair of shoes. Years later though when the once new shoes are now your favorite shoes; so perfectly broken in and seeping with the memories of your travels, every thing changes. You now look back with fond memories to when they were new, to when your now graduating senior was just a toddler. You look back at your wife to be and remember that first date, although at the time it was really no different than any other date.

Never stop capturing all the moments that today may seem like the mundane and ordinary, because one day you will look back and wish you had more.

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