Sunday, August 2, 2009

Men's Camping

Last weekend just before heading back to Arizona I went up camping with a couple guys I used to attend church with. They were having their men's weekend while their wives had a weekend of their own. I don't fit the married category yet; but I do fit the adventurous man category and had a great time. We cooked steaks, ate S'mores, played with sharp objects, climbed mountains, destroyed things, went swimming and worshiped God; you know, man stuff! I did however, being an Arizona boy as of late; skip the swimming in the freezing lake. Enjoy

Robert Wilson

Packing the car: four guys and a lot of stuff

On the Road

The good life: A hammock, a guitar, and nothing pressing to do

Horsetooth Peak: our campsite is somewhere off on the right near that little cloud

At the lake

On our way back to camp from the lake. Horsetooth peak is that rocky-topped mountain near the center of the picture


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