Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mt. Wrightson Hike

Mt. Wrightson, although not very tall compared to Colorado standards, is the tallest peak in the Tucson area at 9453'. Another notable feature about Mt. Wrightson, as compared to a lot of mountains in the area, is that it has an exposed, rocky summit which offers fantastic views. It was an amazing hike; I hope you enjoy the pictures.

5.4 Miles and nearly 4000' feet of elevation gain; who's ready to climb a mountain!

Jenna, my faithful hiking buddy

When we started our hike their wasn't a cloud in the sky. By the time we got about 3 miles up the clouds were starting to envelope the ridge. Very Cool!

One of many rocks that we dreamed about climbing on the way up

Looking to the northeast through a stand of burned trees to the desert below.

9453', We did it!

Playing in the clouds

Click on image to see larger

Wild Turkey playing in the road; good thing it's not November.

Going home!

Thanks for Looking!

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