Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Scott

As far as weddings go; this ranks up with the best wedding I have ever been to. Both Darren and Terra are always such a joy to work with; I'm sure this is evident from the pictures. Their wedding itself was also incredible creative, beautiful and fun. Put it all together and you have one great time!

A wedding dress and Chucks... I love it!


 The groom spying in on the Bridal Chamber

I love the red Chucks; they are just so much fun and fit the couple perfectly

The idea was to repeat after the Pastor (without getting tongue tied)  They resorted to reading off the notes.

Making it official.  Although this picture is fairly serious; I have never seen a couple so excited to be married.

Half of the cupcake was almost lost to the floor; saved only by a quick catch on Darren's part.  As I always heard growing up; "If your going to be clumsy you gotta be quick!"

Moonlight Fairytale

Many blessings to Terra and Darren, I love you both!

Robert Wilson

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