Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ragged Top Mountain

...Or as we jokingly called it, "Mount Doom"

Ragged Top is a relatively small mountain about 40 miles north-west of Tucson.  Despite it's size though; it is incredibly rugged and beautiful.  It is about a 2 mile trek up to the 3907 ft. summit, sans trail, and then another 2 mile trek back down the mountain with the hope that you find your car.  Because their is no trail; you really have to keep a close eye on where your car is; and where you are at. It is easy to lose when you get to the flat ground.

Prapering to set out on our Journey; we didn't have to go far before we couldn't see the car any longer

I'm not sure who Ron was or why he had a cross in the middle of the desert

Up on a rock ledge (where tortoises don't go) we found this poor guy.  He was probably lunch

At the summit!

Heading down from the summit with the Silverbell Min in the distance

We found Golum in another little hole

I unfortunetally didn't have a wide enough lens to take in the great expanse; so I did a quick panorama

Thanks for looking
Robert Wilson

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