Thursday, April 15, 2010

Downtown Globe

Globe is one of those places that had a mining boom (or two) and then that was it. Originally it was silver; and more recently copper. Unfortunately, many of the mines in the area have closed their doors due to a decreased copper demand leaving globe in a state of constant depression. That being said; I believe their is hope for Globe as is really cool old town in a great location.

The Arizona Eastern Railway

The Gila County Jail was originally in the back of the Courthouse (just to the south); but due the the "wild" nature of globe was over crowded as soon as it opened.  Plans were quickly made for a new jail; which opened its doors in 1910.  We were fortunate to not only get the standard tour, but also the extended upstairs tour.  I have a feeling our lovely tour guide was more excited than we were!

"Every Puff a Pleasure"  I love old murals like this!

Thanks for Looking,
Robert Wilson

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