Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Engaged!!!

Anna is definitely the story teller of the relationship and could probably write a complete novel about everything that led up to this point. I, on the other hand, am not. That being said, I will still share a couple quick points.

First, I couldn't have asked for a more amazing woman. Anna is everything I dreamed of and more.
Second, doing your own engagement pictures is quite a bit different than doing someone else's. When you have 10 seconds to get from on top of a cliff to lying in the grass next to your fiancée... while looking natural... you get the picture.

Robert Wilson


  1. I have been following your Blog since the summer...I am a Christian too..and I am learning about photography and would like to some day take wonderful pictures as yours! I am wondering what location this is that you took daughter is a Senior this year and I would love to take pictures in the grass and by a lake..THANKS! Congratulations on your engagement..God bless you both on this new journey!!! Syria

  2. Syria,
    Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I am actually back up in Colorado right now (and soon to be moving to China), so all of these pictures were done out side of Fort Collins. I have never been to Patagonia Lake; but from what I have heard and seen of pictures it may be something to check out. Feel free to contact me any time.


  3. YAY!!!! Cannot tell you how happy I am for you both. Congratulations. God is definitely good! Blessings upon you both as you embark on your future together. You deserve it! ;-)