Friday, April 8, 2011

YinPing Shan

YinPing Shan, or as you would say it in English, Silver Bottle Mountain, is the tallest mountain in Dongguan.  Although it was technically in Dongguan it was still about a a 50 minute drive over there.  Many thanks to my friend Jason for putting together another hike and for providing the transportation over to the mountain!

The hike to the top of YinPing Shan covered about 6 miles and 2400 feet of elevation, most of which was steps.  I am finding out that this is the Chinese way.

The Crew

YinPing Shan, as well as quite a few other words which I do not know

The 'official' start to the hike

We saw so many people carrying their children up three miles of steps.  At least one of them is loving it!

Photo compliments of Anna Wilson

Back at the bottom!

Jason took the photo for Anna and me.


Thanks for looking!


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  1. So glad to see that you are both doing so well. God is good and has definitely blessed you richly!