Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rebekah Mae is Here!

On Monday, June 4, Rebekah made her grand entrance into the world!  She was born at 5:42pm, only nine hours after Mom was admitted to the hospital.  She was 8lbs, 0oz, 18½" long with a full head of dark brown hair!  Mom, Dad and Rebekah are doing well adjusting to their new life as a family.  What a wonderful gift God has given to us!

You can view this video full screen in HD

Robert, Anna and Rebekah


  1. What a GREAT video!!! - Brian

  2. Congratulations Robert! How exciting for you and your family. It is great for your parents also... :)

    Best wishes to you, Anna, and Rebekah. You will all be in our prayers.

    David and the Baker Family

  3. Robert - what a wonderful video. I am truly happy for you all! Who knew that all us kids one day would be having babies! Especially when Timmy, you, and I are playing legos and worms armageddon. Good luck and best wishes :) ~ Tracey Brown (Wenborg)