Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Colorado Getaway

Here you will find a collection of pictures from this past month's adventures at the Backwoods.  If you would like to get a little more information about the happenings, then check out the August Newsletter here.

Welcome to the Backwoods

Family Hammock Time (taken by my mother)

A Friendly Squirrel

An Overly Friendly Squirrel

Me!  (Taken by my wife)

The Carving Tree

Anna and I carved an airplane as we are the family's world travelers.

Play Time with Homemade Toys!

The "High Park Fire" came within about 600 feet of the cabin and burned more than 87,000 acres.

Despite the immense destruction, life has already begun to return to the area. 

Grandpa's Birthday!

Work on the Solar Water Heater

Look Mom, I'm in a Hammock!

Each morning and evening the wild turkeys came strolling through.


Carving a Roasting Stick


Thanks for looking!


  1. Robert,
    You are such an awesome photographer. Very talented too. Tell your Mom, I love the animal shirt. It is so colorful; just the right thing for a new baby! Tell Anna that Rebekah looks a little like her when Anna was a baby! Give everyone a hug from GAB and GG. We love you!