Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Update

As many of you know, my wife Anna and I have recently returned to the States from China.  Although our time in China was wonderful, we are glad to be back in the States for this next season of life.

Since being back in the States we have:

Gotten "America" married
Had a wedding reception and BBQ in Colorado
Taken a road trip through Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona
Made the move to Tucson

The past couples weeks we have been busy getting settled in and, for me, reconnected with the Tucson community.  It's good to be back Tucson!

First of all we have a couple pictures from our marriage in the park.  We kept our American wedding VERY simple with just Anna, my parents, and me.  We went to the court house, picked up a marriage license, then went to City Park to fill it out.  We had already gotten married in China and just wanted to make it America legal.

PhotobucketPhoto courtesy of my father, James Wilson



It was a beautiful day to get married... again!

Next up, wallpapers!
I spent a couple weeks going through the image archives selecting the best of the best to make available as wallpapers.  In addition to the "Wallpaper of the Month" that you find on the blog each month, you can now find a download link at the bottom of many images.  Check out the galleries and enjoy!

You will also find a new watermark on the latest blog images.  I was looking for something that was a little more stylish and representative of Wilson Photography.  You can see the final product above.

¿Hablas español?  If you do I'd love to chat!  One goal that Anna and I have while we are in Tucson is to learn Spanish.  Our long-term hope is to end up somewhere in South or Central America in the next few years.

Until then though we will be in Tucson!   Give me a call if you have any questions or if you'd like to book an appointment!
Senior and Engagement sessions start  at $213, Portrait sessions at $142 and wedding packages at start $780

Robert Wilson

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