Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yangshuo, China

I just realized as I was catching up a little work, that these pictures never got posted to the blog.  Just before leaving China Anna and I took a four day trip to a nearby province.  We caught a night train in Guangzhou and arrived in Guilin the next morning.  It was quite the experience.
Train,Hard Sleeper,China
Boarding the night train.  It was soon bustling with travelers.

Li River,Yangshuo,China
At the Li River

Li River,Yangshuo,ChinaWe took a "bamboo" raft  down a famous section of the Li River.
The 20 Yuan note has an image from the Li River on the back.

Li River,Yangshuo,China
Yangshuo,China,Li River
Our raft opperator; great at piloting the boat, not so great for conversation (unless you speak Mandarin)

Li River,Yangshuo,China

Li River,Yangshuo,ChinaThe Li River as it winds past Yangshuo


Bamboo House Inn,Yangshuo,China
We stayed at the Bamboo House Inn for three nights.  It was a nice place at a great place.  If you are ever in Yangshuo check it out!



Rural Yangshuo

Yangshuo,China,BicycleWe rented bicycles a couple days and enjoyed exploring the countryside



Yangshuo,China,BambooReal bamboo rafts :-)




That's wraps up our time in China!  Check back soon for some updates from America!

Robert Wilson

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