Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reach Tucson

Reach Tucson; reach Tucson with the Gospel message and the love of Christ

"Reach is a dream of Newsboys, Wes Campbell their longtime manager, and Anthony Walton, founder of Global Tribe and life long friend of the guys. It is a ministry of Global Tribe to provide a framework for friendship evangelism, a tool for local churches to impact their community, all wrapped in a newsboys concert that has at the core a clear Gospel presentation followed by a call for new believers to connect with a local church." (

Tucson was the debut location for the Reach events, and it went so well. More than 14,000 people showed up; and countless lives were changed by the love of Jesus Christ. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; so rather than me trying to convey the scope and impact of this event with words; please take a look at the photographs. Event Slideshow

Special thanks to the Newsboys, Global Tribe, Family Life Radio, CHIC-FIL-A and the many local churches that helped make this event possible, and the success it was!

Robert Wilson

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